Easy Peasy TEK For growing cubensis mushrooms

Easy Peasy TEK For psilocybin mushrooms Here’s a list of materials you will need and a brief process outline. You may or may not have seen some buzz lately about how magic mushrooms are helping change people’s lives, if you have or haven’t but you want to try to start getting into the field of mycology and try growing your own but have been intimidated or hesitant, you can rest assured because I’m going to share my low cost and simple DIY TEK anyone can use to grow at home. In this blog post you will find instructions, supplies needed as well as links to the items I use. Materials you will need - 15qt - 32qt Sterilite storage container or something similar. (Walmart & microppose is my go to) - A sterilized grain spawn jar or bag I prefer a millet or popcorn spawn. - 10cc syringe of liquid culture or spores I’d recommend just going with culture. A lot faster and much cleaner. Less contam risks. - 5LB bag of pasteurized substrate. - A low traffic area to store your grains and tubs in 65-75 degree temperature. - 70% isopropyl alcohol & rubber gloves ( found in any cvs or supermarkets) - Garbage bag for tub liner Step 1: once you have all your materials it is now time to inoculate your sterile grains with culture or spores. I like using culture for a number of reasons. Once you’re in your area you’re going to want to spray everything down well, very well with the alcohol to sanitize the items and area. Once your grain jar or bag is wiped and sanitized outside it’s time to use your syringe. You’re going to inject the syringe into the injection port on the bag or jar. If you’re using culture I recommend using 1-3ccs / mls of culture. If you’re using spores I like to use 4-5ccs/mls. All depending on total amount of spawn. For example if using a 32oz mason jar only use 1-3ccs. If using 3-5lb bags use 2-4cc LC and 10cc of spores. When you’re done make sure to place the protective cover over the needle to ensure you don’t poke yourself. Take the grains and place in a dark area and let it colonize in 70-75 degrees. This can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months. So please be patient. Patience is a must in the mycology field. After about two weeks check on your grains. You should start seeing some white mycelium growth on the grains. Once the mycelium has colonized 30-35% of the grain I like to break up the grains and shake it up to redistribute the colonized grains which will help colonize the remaining grains at a more rapid pace also potently bringing out any contamination if any of the pesky stuff is present. Put the grains back into storage and wait until the grains are completely covered in mycelium. Once ready it’s time to move onto the next step. Step2: G2S or Grain to substrate Now that your grains are all colonized and ready , it’s time for it to be transferred to a nice rich substrate at field capacity. Here’s where your storage container, and pasteurized substrate come in. Remember everything needs to be super clean. So spray all of your items and your area down well with alcohol before doing anything. Including yourself. Now that your tub and everything is clean and sanitized. You can prepare your MonoTub. Take the garbage bag and cut it to fit inside of your tub. I like to have Atleast 1” of liner showing above my substrate floor. Once your liner is in place and you’ve wiped down your grain jar or bag, and wiped down your substrate bag and hands & scissors you can open up your grains and break them up and shake them out into the tub. Once it’s all in the tub I like to use my hands to further break up all the clumps of mycelium. You don’t want any big clumps. After you’re done with this you can now open up your substrate bag. Pour in 3/4s of the substrate into the tub. Mix the grain and the substrate very well. You want a very well distributed grain within the substrate. Once mixed, go ahead and smooth out the surface to have it nice and level. Take the remaining substrate and dump that in. This will be used as a casing layer to cover all that precious grain. Go ahead and smooth that out over the entire surface of the tub. I like to aim for Atleast 1/4” of depth of cover. Good job you’ve done it. Now place the cover back on the tub and store it in the same dark and warm area for about 10 - 14 days. It is important to not open the tub this will reduce any chances of contamination coming in. Initiating fruiting conditions Every few days take a peak and you should start seeing the white mycelium starting to colonize your substrate. After about 10-14 days I like to open up the lid and use it to gently fan the substrate for 30 seconds twice daily, once in the morning and one at night. This fanning will wick some moisture off the surface of your substrate cake and that will tell the mycelium it’s time to start producing pins. Continue this fanning schedule until you have a nice canopy of fresh mushrooms to harvest. Once the mushroom pins form on the surface it won’t be long because mushrooms can double in size every day ! Links: Liquid cultures - https://keystonemushrooms.com/page-onlineStore Easy & Epic Monotubs I use- Use code - KEYSTONEMYCOLOGY for 10% off !! https://microppose.com/r?id=qcvedd Sterilized Spawn Bags / Jars https://keystonemushrooms.com/mushroom-grain-spawn-bags-sterilized-ztp7-i By using the links provided I may earn a commission. There’s are all products that I endorse and enjoy.


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